About Us.

Our goal is to bring wellness, inspiration, healing, spirituality, joy and kindness to the world. We believe that by improving the quality of a person’s life, we also contribute to making the world itself a better place. We work to build community around a culture of wisdom, compassion, inclusivity, love, respect for the earth, and mindfulness.

The Store:
Our holistic approach makes for an eclectic, yet inter-related collection of books, CDs, natural remedies, crystals, jewelry, icons, herbs, incense, candles, journals, and other creative spiritual tools and gifts that support healing, personal growth and well-being.
Our Space:
Established in 1990 on Harbord Street, Wonderworks is located in the historical Annex neighbourhood, adjacent to the University of Toronto’s downtown campus. Accessed through the store, the Fleishman Gallery is used an active exhibition space, a rentable workshop facility and community hub.