Essential oils, Ayurvedic skin care, healing salves, balms, bath oils and herbs are not just about luxurious relaxation; they are about healing the body and balancing the body-mind-spirit. They are an important part of daily self-care, meditation practices and spiritual fulfillment as well as being an essential part of looking after yourself through the changing seasons by aiding in detoxification, easeful breathing, times of stress or imbalance. Massaging the body with natural oils and essences not only brings wellness to the body through the actual ingredients, but self-massage is a great act of self care through the stroke of the massage itself which sends loving and healing energy throughout the entire being. Other ways to use essential oils includes the aromatherapy practice of diffusing oils with gentle warming to enhance your home or personal environment. Bathing is also an excellent way to derive benefit from the oils, this can decrease stress, open your senses, aid in circulation, and of course bring warmth and ease to the body especially in the winter months as many people experience muscular tension due to colder weather. You may also choose to use essential oils as a perfume by using a single oil or creating your own personal combination, some essential oils may be applied directly on the skin while others are best to dilute with a carrier oil such as jojoba.

Our essential oils are the pure, distilled essence of a plant that are used in aromatherapy to calm or stimulate, clear the mind and revive the memory, or help you sleep, meditate, or connect to your higher self. Our lines of aromatherapy and body care products are naturally–made and oriented to healing.