Wonderworks carries a selection of books on spiritual philosophy and practices, alternative wellness, healing, conscious living and creativity. Our selection represents the classics, the leaders, and the new and exciting in each section: Buddhism and Mindfulness Meditation; Goddess and Earth-Based Practices; Yoga and Ayurveda; Nutrition and Health; Art, Creative Practices, and Poetry; Tarot and Divination; Shamanism and Indigenous Spirituality; Parenting and Kids; Conscious Living and Eco-Awareness; Energy Medicine and Chakras; Fiction and Narratives; Grief and Healing from Loss; and Inspiration and Personal Growth. Together, our books contain what you need to live a healthy, happy life of spiritual, creative, and personal growth. 


As an independent bookstore, we offer what perhaps some larger entities cannot, that is, the personal touch. Many of our hand selected items are recommendations from our staff and community of expert alternative health care practitioners, yoga instructors, meditation teachers, activists, scholars, therapists, healers and guides. The store itself therefore offers a very special experience by bringing together a wealth of knowledge and experience so we may present a truly unique selection to help guide you on your path, whatever its course.

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