Past Exhibitions

Kristin Sweetland

The Toronto-based touring songwriter launches her highly anticipated first book of photography Adventures In Sweetland. The soirée will kick off the official opening of the exhibition during which selected photographs will be displayed until April 4th. The evening will feature musical performances by harpist-violinist Sahra Featherstone as well as Sweetland herself. The Adventures In Sweetland book will be for available sale at the gallery as well as online beginning February 28th. 

Candice Craig

Wonderworks and The Fleishman Gallery are thrilled to present the first exhibition in our new space on Baldwin. Local artist and long time Wonderworks supporter Candice Craig, debuts her new series, Essence: A Portrait. These contemplative, dream-like mixed media paintings are built up with layers of watercolour, gouache, acrylic and water-based oils.

Sue LLoyd, Sue Hutton, Lois Lorimer

Join us for an interactive, creative afternoon at our artist salon for mother log. Explore, discuss and experience the imagery, concepts and poetics of Sue LLoyd's latest photo based project, mother log.

Music by Sue Hutton will be offering a musical response to the artwork.

Poetry Reading by Lois Lorimer, local writer and author of Picton Woodlot.

Artist Talk by Sue LloydSue Lloyd

Sue Lloyd

Opening Reception Thursday, May 2nd 7 - 9pm

Sue Lloyd uses her family’s small woods in Prince Edward County as the basis for a new body of work. Photo-realistic, the images are nonetheless constructed, each from hundreds of camera-raw files. The cracks, omissions and stuttering repetitions are equal to the moments of clarity and focus. Coherency is approximate: the pieces never line up exactly. These images were formed over time. Photographed in fall, composed over winter, it seems only fitting that they are seen in spring. The mother log is poised at the cross-roads of dormancy, death, transition and re-generation.

Sydney Lancaster

Opening Reception Friday February 1st,  7 - 9 pm
Exhibition Runs until March 15th 

21st Century Nesting Practices, is a mixed-media installation by Sydney Lancaster that examines the reality of specific objects, namely birds’ nests, and what they may signify psychologically and emotionally. The exhibition consists of digital photographs, gel transfers on birch panel, charcoal and ink works on paper, video projection and sculptural ‘nests’ made of welding rod and wire. The projection, titled “500 lines about childhood, or it can take a bird up to 500 trips to complete a nest” is a video rendering of a collaborative poem reflecting on family, gender, the creation of identity and sense of self. She explores the physical and conceptual aspects of nests as liminal objects suggesting meaning in both complicated and contradictory ways. They exist as homes as well as empty spaces - as markers for absence and loss – at the same time, they point to the potential for growth, protection, and nurturance.

Gretchen Targee

Opening Reception November 16, 2012, 7pm, exhibit runs November 16 through December 21.

Windows is the culmination of many years of Zen training and artistic endeavors. With the artist's Zen training came a fascination with the calligraphic symbol of the Enso, which traditionally symbolizes a moment when we are free to simply let the body/spirit/mind create. It is said that an artist is fully exposed in how she draws an Enso. The Enso is also traditionally done on silk or rice paper and is always done in one movement. As an expression of the moment it is often considered minimalist expressionist art.

Monica Bodirsky

Monica Bodirsky Best Witches

October 11th to November 9th

Opening Reception Thursday October 11th 7 – 9pm

This exhibit consists of seven oil portraits of witches: contemporary, historical, real and imagined. The artist has taken a close look at the lives and expressions of archetypes and individuals who were labeled, portrayed, or identified as a ‘witch’. Beginning with Agnes Moorehead’s wonderfully acerbic “Endora’ in Bewitched, the paintings grew to include; Margaret Hamilton’s quintessential Wicked Witch of the West, Billie Burke’s Glinda, the Good witch of the East, Bridget Bishop, the first woman hung in Salem, Massachusetts during the witch hysteria of 1692, Doreen Valiente, Fifties witch and pioneer of modern Wicca, contemporary Salem psychic and witch Lori Bruno, and Toronto witch, Nicole Cooper. These new pieces ask us to examine our own feelings about the differences between the stereotypes and realities of these seven women.