Flower Essence Remedies are natural, vibrational remedies that have a wide range of applications to assist in healing the body-mind. They assist in emotional and spiritual healing from past or present traumas, provide relief to stressful situations, energetic support for transitional periods such as moving or a change in work or relationship, release of old or negative patterns, and may also be used for balancing energy, recovery, detoxification, strengthening, deepening and understanding one’s sense of self, the capacity for expression, and expanding consciousness.

Based on the principle that everything is comprised of energy, they are understood as vibrational remedies that essentially help to re-align the body’s electrical system, in order to release energetic blockages that are held in the body on a molecular level. Once blockages are released, the path to healing is opened. They can be taken as a compliment to professional therapy, or incorporated into anyone’s wellness or healing plan. Because they are energetic, they function on a deeper and more subtle level than other forms of therapeutic preparations, and therefore they are not processed on a digestive level making them safe and easy to take, and without the worry of interfering with other supplements or medications.

Essences are taken internally, as drops under the tongue. You may take them straight from the bottle, or you may choose to make a dosage bottle for yourself which is a simpler way to take them if you are taking several at a time. You may create your own personal combination, using up to 6 individual essences. The method is simply to add 5-10 drops of each essence to a 1 ounce dropper bottle then fill with spring water. Alternately, you may add them to a water bottle and sip over the course of the day. If you choose not to ingest them, they may also be applied topically on energy points of the body, misted around the body in a water dilution, or added to a bath – since they are vibrational you will still receive the benefit by taking them this way. If taken internally, the optimal times to take them are first thing in the morning, at bedtime, and 2 other times during your day. They are most effective by taking several small doses (2 drops of stock essence, or 5 -10 drops of a dosage mixture) because the frequency rather than the number of drops taken each time is what increases their effectiveness.


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