Burning sacred herbs, incense and candles is a beautiful way to enhance your environment or your spiritual practice. Awakening the sense of smell and reminding us of the element air, incense is an easy and lovely way to relax and can also be of great benefit when meditating, as part of a ritual or ceremony or as a smudge to purify and create sacred space. Though scent combinations are innumerable, there are two basic forms that incense can be found in. The most popular is the stick variety which is lit at one end and can be supported by an incense holder, placed in a small dish of sand, or by just by putting it in a plant (having the additional benefit of discouraging insects on your houseplants). The stick variety is the combustible form, meaning it will burn on its own, once sufficiently lit. The other kind of incense is non-combustible and therefore requires a heat source for burning and is a little more involved. 

This all natural, raw type of incense can be a loose blend of herbs, plant resins and pure essential oils, or you can burn a single resin such as frankincense on its own. Using this kind of incense requires burning it on charcoal, which allows for more intensity and is more of an interactive and ritualistic way to use incense. See
this page for instructions on using charcoal. Fragrant botanicals such as lavender, cedar, frankincense, and rosemary are transformed by the element fire. The burning of incense as an offering is the meeting two potent elements: fire and earth, resulting in the element air as the smoke rises and dissipates - an altogether powerful and elemental encounter. Wonderworks makes our own hand-blended incense. The varieties we offer include seasonal selections such as Solstice Gold, specialty blends like Gaia’s Blessing, individual botanicals and resins like Juniper and Myrrh, and our favourite house blend, Lavendar Copal. 


The use of herbs and spices in teas is another wonderful way to enjoy the fragrance and flavours of healing plants. Wonderworks also makes a unique own hand-mixed loose tea, Rose Spice. This magical herbal infusion, contains rosebuds, lavender, cinnamon, cardamom, licorice root, clove, and star anise. All of the teas that Wonderworks carries are local and handmade. 

Wonderworks’ selection of candles includes, locally made Beeswax, as well as paraffin based candles from Coventry Creations, made for specific magical or ritual purposes (such as Protection, Needed Change etc.) Coventry candles are made when the moon is right, and with scents that magically corresponded to the colours and intentions of the candles.

For those who like to do-it-yourself when it comes to candle magic, you can use regular coloured candles and choose your preferred corresponding colours and then anoint your candles with your own essential oils. An example of this would be using a black candle anointed with black pepper oil as a protection candle, or a blue candle anointed with rose oil for emotional healing. Or, if you prefer to use beeswax because of its beneficial health properties (burning beeswax cleans impurities in the atmosphere) you may do so and similarly anoint your beeswax to energetically charge your own magical beeswax candle.