Natural crystals come in many shapes and sizes, polished or raw. Tiny slivers of polished green quartz, rough chunks of amethyst, sparkling garnet crystal balls, and pointed wands embedded with chakra gems. Wonderworks carries a full array of crystals that demonstrates their beauty and diversity, but they are also used practically, for healing, meditation, personal growth, and spiritual connection. Smaller crystals can be carried in pockets or pouches to help concentration, calm or stimulate the mind, boost confidence, offer energetic protection and grounding, and bring luck and affection. They can be used for chakra balancing, and can be placed on the body for healing. Many crystals have been used for thousands of years across the world for their unique healing abilities or protection qualities. They are a simple and powerful way to begin learning about alternative spiritual practices, and open into world of opportunities for personal growth and spiritual advancement.

We also carry a wide variety of crystal pendulums. These are special tools used for dowsing, which is a specific technique to help you answer personal questions. It is a fairly simple method, though it takes a little practice to hone your dowsing skills so you can have confidence with the answers you receive, which by the way are actually from your own subconscious mind. To access our easy to follow instructions click on the Pendulums & Dowsing page.

Wonderworks’ jewelry is unique and handmade. Though we do import some of our items, we also strongly support local artisans. We offer a wide range of gemstone and silver pendants, bracelets, earrings and hand-painted Goddess necklaces. Each piece is a precious reminder of the beauty of nature and the mystery of creation. Our jewelry collection is ever evolving as we continue to find new and creative designs to adorn the body and lift the spirit.