Fresh Start Incense Blend

Fresh Start Incense Blend

For 2013, we've created a new "Fresh Start Blend". It's a completely natural, hand-blended loose incense. (To burn loose incense, you use charcoal discs, available at the shop. It's a very traditional, ritualistic way of burning incense).

The blend has menthol (which we also call 'spiritual bleach'), blended with lavender, sweetgrass, and rosemary. You can use it for energetic cleanses, and it adds the positivity and lightness of lavender into the air after it cleanses.

We encourage you to cleanse yourself and your space before you set your intentions for the new year. (see Jamie's previous blog post about cleansing)

Comes in a small bottle for $7.95, or in a pouch with a white candle (for ritual) and wrapped in excessively adorable pine tree pipe cleaners for $11.95.