The Cycladic Goddess

The Cycladic Goddess
The Cycladic Goddess

The Cycladic Goddess is perfect for this time of year: she represents self-reflection, inwardness, and trance. Her presence is strong as the snow swirls around outside and we cozy up inside.  See my previous entry about taking this season to for ourselves

The Cycladic Goddess
Cycladic Islands, ca 2500 BC

The Bronze Age Cycladic Islands in the Aegean Sea had a flourishing pre-Greek stone-cutting culture from 3200—2300 BC that produced many female marble sculptures, including this Goddess figurine.

The figurines are all naked, with their arms folded over their stomachs and feet sloping downwards, and were originally brightly painted.

Her lack of facial features represents her connection as a Goddess to all women; past, present, and future, and implies a higher state of consciousness. She is the crone, and her stiffness represents meditation, trance-like states, and death.

Her figurines were exported as far as Turkey and Egypt, and have been found in grave sites throughout the Mediterranean.


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