Perhaps one of the most advanced and sophisticated producers of flower essences remedies, Perelandra Centre for Nature Research was founded by and operates under the direction of Machaelle Small Wright. Though these essences can be taken following basic instructions and guidelines similar to other essences, Machaelle is a major proponent of working with specially developed processes which employ the science of kinesiology also known as muscle testing. Developing a co-creative relationship with nature to improve, your health, life and environment is at the heart of the Perelandra philosophy.

Most of the Perelandra essences are organized in boxed sets or kits, and others are stand alone remedies such as the ETS+ (Emergency Trauma Solution). The kits each have a different focus (the individual essences may be purchased separately as well as in the complete kits). Ideally the dosages of these essences are established by using muscle testing or the processes described in the Perelandra books and materials. Alternately, if you do not wish to do muscle testing, you may follow the same dosage protocol as you would use for any flower essences (i.e. a couple of drops at a time, under the tongue, 3-4 times per day)

Rose I and Rose II essences – both sets (each containing 8 essences) have been derived from roses grown in the Perelandra garden to support personal development to balance and stabilize
you during periods of expansion.

Garden Essences, these 18 essences are made from the flowering components of vegetables and herbs to balance and restore you on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Nature Program Essences – these 9 essences address and reestablish the body’s balance by strengthening the body to address a viral, fungal or bacterial imbalance and reestablish the
proper microbial balance within the body.

Soul Ray Essences – these 8 essences have been developed to balance and stabilize you during a period of expanding consciousness, experienced at the soul level.

MBP Solutions (Microbial Balancing Program) – each of the 15 MBP solutions is formulated for a specific body system, eg, Immune, Lymphatic etc. and works to bring strength and balance to that system, particularly if that system has been compromised through illness, stress or injury. Taken at bedtime, the MBP solutions are a daily tonic to support your health. Included in this series is an annual Flu Season remedy. The number of drops to take are indicated on each bottle, making this the easiest of the Perelandra essences to use.