Many people who are interested in alternative spiritual practices choose a wide range of objects, tools and icons to create and adorn a personal altar, or simply to create a special or sacred space at home. Sacred spaces set up for quiet meditation, contemplation, ritual or yoga can be treated in a way to assist your personal practice, whatever it may be. If, for example, you are interested in invoking an aspect of the divine feminine, placing a Goddess statue may provide that focus. From Mother Mary to Tara to the Snake Goddess of Knossos – these icons of healing, love, compassion, nurturance, empowerment, beauty and inspiration may all be welcomed at the altar. Spiritual practitioners of many earth-based traditions and influences choose to represent the four (and sometimes five) elements as an integral aspect of creating sacred space. Following this tradition, air can be represented by burning incense or by using sound, fire by a candle, earth by stones, crystals, salt or plants, water by itself in a bowl or with shells, and the fifth element , spirit may be represented by icons, candles or symbols. It is not necessary however to set up an altar in this fashion if it doesn’t feel right, rather, follow your own personal sensibility to support your practice with sacred items in whatever way is beneficial to you.

Many people practice silent meditation as part of a spiritual practice or more generally as an effective and easy way to reduce stress, and to stay connected and grounded in their lives. Along with the selection of guided meditation CDs that we offer, we also carry local, hand-made meditation benches which help to facilitate sitting meditation as they comfortably and effectively support a seated posture.

Sacred items and ritual tools that Wonderworks offers include Goddess sculptures, incense (in both hand-blended and stick form) censors, candles, crystals, wands, talismans, prayer flags, prayer beads (or mala beads), singing bowls, bells, personal journals, tarot cards and rune stones. A combination of any of these tools can support and nurture a spiritual practice that is connected to the earth, to the divine, and that holds reverence for all beings.