Tarot is the quintessential form of divination, a classic and luminous method of seeking advice through connection with your personal creative processes and guiding forces. Cartomancy, or the method of foretelling events or accessing information through the use of cards has been used for several centuries. Ancient playing cards in China, India and the Middle East are believed to be the forerunners of the Italian game Tarocchi which is the earliest version of tarot that emerged in the court culture of early Renaissance Italy. Though there are now countless versions available, modern tarot decks are based on a standard structure which is comprised of a total of 78 cards that is made up of 4 suits, collectively referred to as the minor arcana, as well as the 22 major arcana. 

Using the cards for meditation, understanding the archetypal hero’s journey, advice for self-improvement are all viable uses of the cards. Any and all of your decisions are based on free will and while the cards may suggest certain paths may be more successful than others, ultimately, you guide your own future and take responsibility and an active role in your destiny. You may choose to read the tarot by yourself, with friends, or you may choose to consult with a professional tarot reader to interpret the cards for you. Learning to use cards yourself is easily achieved with some attention and practice. You may choose a guide book for your deck as an aid to interpreting the symbols and meanings, or you may read the cards by focusing on the artwork and symbols directly in order to develop your own interpretations. Either way, this is a creative and fun process which has the additional benefit of honing your own intuitive skills as you learn to trust your ability to synthesize the information and guidance that the cards offer. 

To facilitate the growing community of people interested in tarot, Wonderworks holds a
monthly Tarot Club meeting called the Toronto Tarot-ists. Held on the first Wednesday of every month, this is a fun and free opportunity to connect with other enthusiasts. Toronto Tarot-ists is for anyone interested in discussing and furthering the practice of tarot as tool of empowerment and those who appreciate the history, mystery and beauty of the tarot. Please bring a deck and notebook. 

*To register for the tarot club, contact


As well as the traditional tarot decks, Wonderworks also carries a wide range of Oracle decks, these are cards that do not use the 78 card structure, rather they are of varying sizes and themes that are easy to use as sources of inspiration, guidance and wisdom. These decks can be used for formal readings, or simply to pull a single card for a daily inspiration or message. The themes covered by Oracle decks use archetypal figures such as Goddesses, Angels and Fairies, as well as daily affirmation cards recommended as a personal growth tool for emotional healing, motivation and empowerment. 

Other divination tools that Wonderworks carries include runes stones for casting and pendulums for


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