The Fleishman Gallery Mandate & Floorplan

      The Fleishman Gallery is dedicated to the exploration of spirituality within the context of contemporary art. The themes and projects presented in the gallery relate to contemporary culture, identity, feminism, the environment, personal exploration, spirituality, and alternative practices. The exhibition programming includes work in a range of non-traditional media including film/video, photography, mixed media, installation, and performance art. The curatorial focus seeks to generate discourse and build community by bringing awareness to discussions about our relationship to the earth, to the divine, to deepen our understanding of human experience and raise consciousness through the vehicle of contemporary art.

      The gallery space is approximately 500 sq’, is equipped with a 10’ x 8’ projection screen and is accessed through Wonderworks bookstore, established in 1990. Fleishman Gallery was launched in November 2006 and operates as a private gallery.


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