Modica Chocolate - Al Nero D'Avola (wine grape)

Modica Chocolate - Al Nero D'Avola (wine grape)

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This wonderful chocolate follows a centuries-old artisanal tradition from the town of Modica in Sicily that respects the purity of cacao. The beauty of the Modica chocolate is in the quality and simplicity of ingredients; only cacao paste and organic cane sugar are used to make the chocolate, and then flavoured with only the highest quality natural ingredients. 

The cold processing method gives rise to the signature granular texture, at the same time as preserving the maximum health benefits of cacao, such as its high flavonoid content and antioxidant properties. It is because of the uniqueness of this product as well as it’s adherence to the artisanal method that Modica Chocolate is the first chocolate to be given European Certificate of Protected Geographical Indication status (IGP).

Al Nero D'Avola contains the essence of nero d'avola wine grapes. Modica chocolate is 100% gluten-free, vegan and made in Italy.  

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