Artemis of Ephesus, 300 BCE

Artemis of Ephesus by Archeomyth | Wonderworks
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This is a Hellenistic Greek Goddess, Artemis (Roman Diana) shows Her as the Mother Goddess. She was extremely popular in the ancient world, with numerous shrines. Her temple at Ephesus (modern day Turkey) is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The upper part of her dress shows zodiac images, and she wears a mural crown, a relic from ancient Mesopotamia. 
Her robe is decorated with lions, goats, griffins, and bulls, representing Her title as Lady of the Animals. The figs or gourds on her chest, often mistaken for breasts, are the bounty of Her land and represent her fertility. Artemis was later adapted into Greek cults as the more familiar virgin huntress goddess, though she retained her protectiveness of animals.

Materials Used:

Hand made ceramic scuplture.

Hellenistic, from Ephesus
Prayer, Altar, Devotional Practice, Ritual, Adornment

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