Charcoal (roll of 10 charcoal discs)

Charcoal (roll of 10 charcoal discs) | Wonderworks
Price: $4.25
Charcoal disc in small green dish | Wonderworks

These charcoal discs are about 10cm circumference. Burntime: 1.5 - 2 hours.

To light the charcoal, hold it in one hand and light it with a match with your other hand, then place it in a fire-safe dish. The charcoal will spark and smoke as it lights, but when fully lit, it is an odorless and smokeless heat source. Sprinkle your loose incense (frankincense, hand-blend etc.) on the coal a small amount at a time, and replenish as necessary. The coal and incense will burn to a fine ash. The coals cannot be relit, but if you want to extinguish the coal before it's done burning, simply add a few drops of water. 

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