Clear Quartz (polished)

Clear Quartz crystal | Wonderworks
Price: $3.00

An energy stone venerated all over the world and throughout history. It absorbs, stores, transforms, amplifies, and unblocks energy, putting energy into its ideal state. Quartz has a versatile memory and can be attuned to the user and programmed for different needs. It amplifies the energies of other crystals. Because it stores information, it should be cleansed regularly. It is a master healer for any condition, and is specifically useful for stimulating the immune system, cleansing organs and energy, balancing the body, harmonizing chakras, and protecting against radiation. It is a stone of light and balance, and alignment.  

First - Root, Second - Sacral, Third - Solar Plexus, Fourth - Heart, Fifth - Throat, Sixth - Third Eye, Seventh - Crown

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