Crystal Witch Kit

Crystal Witch Kit | Wonderworks
Price: $29.95
Crystal Witch Kit | Wonderworks

Our Crystal Witch Kit is the perfect gemstone starter set, or a great addition to a large collection. Included in the kit:

  • Rose Quartz - a classic love stone, great for dispelling fear and anger
  • Clear Quartz - an amplifying stone, increasing the power of all near it
  • Amethyst - an anti-anxiety stone, helps dissolve worry and still the mind
  • Black Tourmaline - the ultimate protector, grounds, stabilizes and shields against EMFs 
  • Fluorite - helps clear mental fog, balances heart and connects the heart and third eye chakras
  • Purify Energy Cleanse Spray, a Wonderworks hand-made blend to clear space or crystals                                (Over $45.00 value!)

First - Root, Fourth - Heart, Sixth - Third Eye, Seventh - Crown

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