Cucuteni Bird Goddess, early, 4300 BCE

Cucuteni Bird Goddess, Early, by Archeomyth | Wonderworks
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Cucuteni Bird Goddess, Early, by Archeomyth | Wonderworks

This early dated Cucuteni Bird Goddess (predating the other Cucuteni Bird Goddess by about 800 years) was originally found in Romania from the Cucuteni-Trypillian culture. She is a common form of the Bird Goddess known throughout most of Eastern Europe. The carved lines across her body are part of a complex system of symbols, and represent her vibrant energy flow.
In Paleolithic times she was a giver of life, wealth, and nourishment, and a weaver and a spinner of human fate.

These statues are handmade and variations in colouring are normal.

Materials Used:

Handmade ceramic scuplture.

Romania, ca. 4300 BC
Prayer, Altar, Devotional Practice, Ritual, Adornment

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