Frankincense (Arabian) loose incense sachet

Frankincense (Arabian) loose incense sachet | Wonderworks
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Frankincense (Arabian) loose incense sachet | Wonderworks
Frankincense (Arabian) loose incense sachet | Wonderworks

Frankincense has been used throughout history to enhance spiritual perception and consciousness. When burned as incense, Frankincense is lovely and uplifting. It has a light citrus/pine beginning and intensifying balsamic scent as it burns down.

Burn it (on charcoal) to soothe the spirit and deepen breathing for meditation, and to repel negative energy. Can be used to cleanse and purify an entire space - simply burn a few pieces of frankincense on a charcoal (in a safe dish, see Accessories) and carry it through a room, house or sacred space.

This listing is for a 20g sachet of pure Arabian frankincense. 


Pure Arabian frankincense. 

Awakening, grounding, citrus and balsamic.

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