Lapis Lazuli (polished)

Lapis Lazuli crystal | Wonderworks
Price: $6.00
Lapis Lazuli crystal | Wonderworks
Lapis Lazuli crystal | Wonderworks

A very old stone and once considered more valuable than gold. Lapis is a visionary stone of self-knowledge and reflection. It helps us understand ourselves and gain clearer perspective on our lives, abilities, motivations, and beliefs. It activates the third eye, enhancing intuition and psychic abilities and helping us access spiritual guidance.  It is a wind element stone, enhancing our intellect and desire for truth and understanding, making it easier to learn. It is helpful during meditation, inward journeys, and attaining higher awareness. Hold a piece of lapis in your hand and feel the connection to the starry night. 

Fifth - Throat, Sixth - Third Eye

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