Lilith (The Burney Relief), 1800 BCE

Lilith (The Burney Relief) by Archeomyth | Wonderworks
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Lilith (The Burney Relief) by Archeomyth| Wonderworks
Lilith (The Burney Relief) by Archeomyth | Wonderworks

Known from Apocryphal biblical texts, Lilith was actually the first woman created (before Eve) but was sent out from The Garden of Eden for being submissive to Adam. 
This Mesopotamian representation emphasizes Lilith’s ability to embrace opposing forces: She is serene and dignified, while her talons display Her wildness and ability to defend Herself. She is the night aspect of the divine feminine: sexuality and power, but she is also wisdom (represented by owls). She unleashes the wild, but we can see by Her stance on a lion that She can tame it as well.
This relief sculpture is 20cm high and has a small hole in the back for wall mounting. These sculptures are handmade and variations in colouring are normal.

Materials Used:

Handmade ceramic sculpture.

Babylonian, ca 1800 BC
Prayer, Altar, Devotional Practice, Ritual, Adornment

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