Seated Mother Goddess ca 7000 BCE

Catal Huyuk (Seated Mother Goddess) | Wonderworks
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Catal Huyuk (Seated Mother Goddess) | Wonderworks
Catal Huyuk (Seated Mother Goddess) | Wonderworks

This majestic Seated Mother Goddess originates from Catal Huyuk - an ancient Neolithic agricultural city in the Anatolia region of Turkey. It is the oldest settlement ever uncovered and had numerous shrines filled with small Goddess figurines, among them this seated Goddess.
She sits in a throne, hands resting on her lioness or leopard companions, who were sacred to the Mother Goddess. She is apparently in the act of giving birth, radiating calm and a regal posture. This figurine was found in a grain bin, likely placed there to ensure harvests and protect the food supply. It has been argued that this Goddess began our understanding of the Great Mother Goddess.

Materials Used:

Handmade ceramic sculpture.

Anatolia, ca.7000 BC
Prayer, Altar, Devotional Practice, Ritual, Adornment

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