Smokeless Smudge Spray (large)

Smokeless Smudge Spray (large) | Wonderworks
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Price: $35.95

A complete traditional smudge in a spray bottle. Imagine — the scent of freshly crushed Sweetgrass  — with none of the smoke or burning! Light and uplifting,  it gently clears away heaviness and negativity.Can also be used for ceremony and healing, to freshen stale air, on bedding or furniture, or to refresh the body and mind.

Healers and health care practitioners love this blend!  It can be used in almost any public place, including offices, schools or hospitals, without anyone taking issue. 
Gently rock the bottle back and forth before misting around you and your space.
Made by Tracy Thunderhealer, a local Shamanic Healer living in Toronto.


Organic, wildcrafted, and pure essential oils in a sweetgrass hydrosol base. 

Pure sweetgrass fragance. No hint of alcohol.

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