Venus of Willendorf

Venus of Willendorf | Wonderworks
Hand-made ceramic sculpture
Price: $74.95

She is an ancient Fertility Goddess, representing life, abundance, and sexuality.  She is one of the earliest depictions of the human form, and the first known sacred image of the Mother Goddess.  Her enlarged breasts and stomach and detailed vulva and hair represent sexuality and fertility. Her hair is wrapped in intricate plates around her head in seven circles, underscoring her eroticism. She was carved without feet, implying her divine connection to the earth and her inability to leave it. Her lack of facial features represents her all-encompassing divine nature, and combined with her lack of feet, symbolizes her purpose as a Fertility Goddess; she does not need to stand or speak, only partake in the earthy creation of new life. This figurine was discovered in 1908 at a Paleolithic site near Willendorf, Austria. She was carved from limestone imported to the area and tinted with red ochre, and since her discovery several similar figures have been found, collectively called the Venus Figurines. 

Meditation, Altar, Ritual, Adornment

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