Yarrow Environmental Solution (1 oz - spray)

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1 oz

Yarrow Environmental Solution (YES) 

Positive qualities: Physical and etheric vitality, self-regulating and adaptive immune response to environmental stresses

Patterns of imbalance: Disturbance of life-force and vitality by noxious radiation, pollution, or other geopathic stress; residual effects of past exposure; dysfunctional immune response; allergic hypersensitivity

This listing is for the 1 oz spray top bottle. 

Combinations & Sprays
Internal, External / Room spray, Directly from the bottle, Diluted in water or in a dosage bottle, External

Flower essences: Yarrow , Pink Yarrow, Golden Yarrow, Arnica, Echinacea
Tinctures: Yarrow, Echinacea
Base: sea salt water

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