Theme Definitions

Abandonment issues often stem from a time when our dependency needs were not met. This can manifest as insecurity, low self-esteem, anxiety, co-dependency, or unhealthy boundaries with others. Flower essences help to clarify the root of these issues so one can begin the healing process, and feel secure in oneself and in relationships.

See also: Abuse, Anger, Attachment, Boundaries, Self-Esteem

Abundance is a multitude of types of wealth, including happiness, health, and money. Fear of scarcity, doubts about one’s self worth, and mental blocks against accepting abundance can hold us back from pursuing our full potential. Working with flower essences helps us understand the nature of abundance and how to draw it to ourselves in its various forms.

See also: Higher Self, Manifestation, Nature, Meditation

Abuse can be emotional, physical, or mental, and can leave a lasting impression on one’s sense of self. Physical and sexual abuse can lead to detachment from one’s physical self; mental and emotional abuse can leave one with false beliefs about self-worth. The recovery process may involve identifying the lasting effects of the abuse and establishing new personal guidelines for healthy relationships. Using flower essences along with other therapeutic methods can help release and heal the deep impact of physical and sexual abuse.

See also: Boundaries, Addiction, Forgiveness, Trauma, Abandonment

Acceptance is an active agreement to welcome something without holding or judgment. Accepting things that are difficult is often the first step we must take when beginning a healing process. This can require stepping out of what is comfortable and establishing new truths in place of those that no longer serve us. Working with flower essences helps us move past the judgments that hold us back from a deep appreciation of self and others, and help us open ourselves to a divine love of things as they truly are.

See also: Judgement, Eating Issues, Self Esteem, Transformation

Addiction is a recurring compulsion for a substance or behavior, despite the associated negative effects. Addiction may be a way of masking a deeper issue that feels too difficult to face, or to diminish overwhelming stimuli for those who are especially sensitive. Flower essences can help ease the extremes of addiction with balancing energy, and by easing the initial trauma of withdrawal symptoms, and bringing oneself into a natural harmony. Because they are gentle in their effects, flower essences are well-suited to the sensitive nature of addiction recovery.

See also: Attachment, Balance, Detoxification, Obsession

Alienation is the state of feeling separate or estranged from other people, societies, or aspect’s of oneself. This can manifest as a lack of connection or aversion to the physical body, estrangement from loved ones, and a general feeling of not belonging. Cultivating a strong sense of who we are is integral to creating and maintaining healthy relationships with oneself and others, and feeling confident and valuable in expressing our unique gifts. Working with flower essences strengthens all aspects of self at our core so that we may feel a sense of connection and belonging in ourselves and the world.

See also:  Nature, Abuse, Depression, Acceptance

Deep-seated trauma and painful emotions can lead to feelings of anger, resentment, or hypersensitivity, and may also point towards what we fear. Not only does unresolved, toxic anger hinder us from meaningful expression and relationships in the emotional body, it also puts stress on our physical and spiritual bodies. Recognizing the root of that which makes us angry is the first step in reconciling the issues that these fiery emotions stem from. Flower essences can be helpful for those who have difficulty expressing frustration or disappointment, and for calming turbulent emotional responses so that we can speak our truths calmly and with grace.

See also: Stress, Frustration, Fear

Anxiety is a state of uneasiness or worry about possible events.  Anxiety may seem to have no cause at times. This state can affect the emotional, physical, and spiritual self in ways that hinder growth, health, relationships, and joy. Achieving a state of calm reflection is essential in diffusing anxiety and moving past it; using flower essences in acutely traumatic and anxiety-provoking situations can bring one back to centre. In long-term healing, flower essences can help us let go of unfounded worries and judgments, accept things that are out of our control, and release the need for approval.

See also: Fear, Depression, Doubt, Overwhelm, Trauma

Attachment is the seeking of wholeness and fulfillment outside ourselves through relationships, ideas, behaviours, physical objects, or thought patterns. Identifying the reasons we are seeking wholeness through external factors is the first step to finding fulfillment within ourselves, allowing us to participate in the world in ways that our true to our inner selves.

See also: Alienation, Acceptance, Release, Root Chakra, Safety & Security

Aversion is when we become opposed to or dislike a particular thing, a person or an idea.  Though it is something that naturally arises in response to various conditions, it can cause us to develop behavioral patterns of avoidance and cause us to suffer.  Because aversion may stem from an old event or trauma, we may have trouble identifying its root source. Working with flower essences gently uncovers the root cause of our resistance, provides us with awareness of our courage to face the parts of ourselves that are holding us back, help us to release the aversion and relieve the suffering it has caused.

See also: Fear, Desire, Attachment, Acceptance, Perception