Theme Definitions

Awareness is the bridge between our consciousness and the world around us. It is fundamental to all human activity, including creativity, perception, and knowledge. Emotional, physical, and spiritual growth occurs when we cultivate awareness is every facet of our lives and are mindful of our thoughts and actions. Increased awareness is also an essential aspect of divine connection and guidance, and dreaming practices. Working with flower essences helps us uncover our truest natures, helps us evolve, and offer our unique gifts to the world.

See also: Ego, Clarity, Third Eye

All aspects of our lives are interrelated, how well we manage to integrate them into the whole of our lives is the process of balance. The pursuit of balance requires a holistic mindset and active awareness of how we are affected by various stressors, situations and energies. Because balance is an active state, we must be mindful of our needs and boundaries, and handle the extremes we are sometimes faced with. Flower essences can keep us steady in the ever-changing currents of life, and help us accept the present moment and find balance within it.

See also Overwhelm, Stress, Boundaries

Boundaries are important in the development of a clear sense of self. They aid in privacy, personal respect, and help us to understand that we have a right and responsibility to establish appropriate boundaries for healthy relationships. When boundaries are not set or are not respected, we feel violated and taken advantage of, and can unwittingly do the same to others. We can also become overly influenced by other people and situations. Working with flower essences can help clarify our sense of self, deepen our care and respect for ourselves and others to help us maintain healthy boundaries.

See also: Grounding, Safety & Security, Intimacy, Perception, Self-Esteem

Chakras are an ancient Vedic and Hindu concept.  Every person has seven major areas of spinning wheel-like energy in our bodies; these are our chakras (from Sanskrit for “wheel”).  They are part of the subtle energy body and are located along energy channels (nadis) that correspond to our major nerve routes.  Our chakras fluctuate between being balanced (open and fluid) and imbalanced (over or underactive, or blocked).  When a chakra is imbalanced, it can manifest physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Alaskan gem elixirs are indicated here for chakra balancers, additionally you may refer to the cross reference terms relating to chakra imbalances for more  corresponding recommendations.

Clarity is a state of mindful awareness from a holistic perspective. It is an objective standpoint in which we see things are they are, and understand how things relate. Lack of clarity can render us scattered and overwhelmed, but by bringing things back into focus we are more effective, efficient, and in line with our highest potential. Cultivating clarity requires mental stillness without distraction, and an ability to direct one’s energy and consciousness where it is needed most.  Working with flower essences assists in strengthening focus and careful thought, deepening meditation and self-reflection, and pinpointing one’s true will and desire.

See also: Life Purpose, Nature, Awareness, Inspiration, Grounding

Our energies are affected by many internal and external factors including people and environments. Being aware of the state of our energy and cleansing it when we feel it is blocked, or disrupted is an important part of a holistic lifestyle. Flower essences can be used in personal cleansing rituals, homes or workspaces or when moving into a new space. They assist purification before sacred activities, and meditation, or during a physical fast or detox. They can also be used in conjunction with other therapeutic methods to release and heal the cellular impact of abuse or trauma.

See also: Grounding, Chakras, Clarity, Awareness, Trauma

Communication is an essential part of our daily lives, and an important part of how we gather knowledge and reach understanding. Ineffective and false communication, or lack of communication, can lead to misunderstanding, violated boundaries, confusion, and conflict. Working with flower essences strengthens our interpersonal communication, and also reminds us of the importance of communing with all aspects of self. Flower essences help us to speak our truths and assist in honest and effective communication in our relationships; on verbal, physical, emotional, and spirituals levels.

See also: Expression, Boundaries, Self-Esteem, Focus, Clarity, Throat Chakra

Compassion is the opening of the heart to the suffering of self, others, or the world and is a potent healing energy. Lack of compassion may stem from past experiences in which we were not shown compassion, and as a result we may avoid receiving or giving compassion. Working with flower essences can help to open us up by dissolving barriers in the heart, and allow us to experience and understand our own and the suffering of another so that we may offer true support and love.

See also: Heart Chakra, Heart, Love, Forgiveness, Sensitivity

A healthy sense of confidence results from trusting in our unique abilities and talents, and maintaining a strong sense of self. A lack of self-confidence may stem from unrealistic expectations, or false values and beliefs about our self worth. We may be unaware of our true capacity, or hold ourselves back from reaching our true potential, but working with flower essences can shift our focus from our shortcomings back to our abilities. They encourage the strengthening of our individual and irreplaceable self so that we can grow in accordance with our true will.

See also: Self-Esteem, Ego, Perception, Doubt

Creativity is a process that culminates in the manifestation of something new. The creative process is not only limited to the arts, and can also provide us with templates for aware and meaningful lives. Creativity is vital in all forms of communication and self expression, as well as problem solving and strategy. Creative blocks may stem from lack of inspiration, fear of expressing oneself, or difficulty opening up to new ways of thinking. Flower essences encourage us to tune into our inner knowing and empower us to pursue self-expression with courage and enthusiasm.

See also: Manifestation, Abundance, Acceptance, Inspiration, Sacral Chakra, Throat Chakra