Theme Definitions

Criticism is the act of evaluating and judging. The ability to discern is essential to personal success and wellbeing, but it has to be kept in check so we don’t become judgmental. The right amount of critical thought allows us to see opportunities, and maintain healthy boundaries and a strong sense of self. Working with flower essences can illuminate our perceptions that need revising, they help strengthen our sense of personal truths and provide us with the courage to act on them.

See also: Judgement, Aversion, Doubt, Perception, Wisdom

Death is a natural and inevitable part of the life cycle.  As humans we often experience immense fear and uncertainty when we are faced with our own mortality. Dealing with death can also bring up feelings of denial, anger, guilt or shock. Working with flower essences can bring some ease to these challenging emotions, assist in difficult transitions, facilitate forgiveness, let go of fear and help to make peace.

See also: Grief, Loss, Transition, Compassion

Depression is a very common and age-old affliction.  It can manifest in many forms and come from different root causes, including genetic predisposition, environmental stressors, trauma, or seasonal and hormonal changes. Working with flower essences can help us identify the root issue, which can be obscured when we are feeling heavy-hearted. The flower essences can also encourage us to maintain hope when we feel lost, bring stability to turbulent emotions, re-establish our sense of purpose, and open us once again to the experience of joy.

See also: Alienation, Cleansing & Purification, Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, Will, Heart, Energy

Desire can be a path to manifestation, although unhealthy desire or lack of desire can become blockages to personal growth. Over-attachment to experiences, concepts, or people can override healthy boundaries and limits, and repression of desire can be a symptom of distorted relationships stemming from earlier experiences. Flower essences can help uncover why we may be confused about our true will, stimulate the pursuit of our desires if we’ve become stagnant, and encourage us to positive experiences if we’ve come to crave harmful alternatives.

See also: Addiction, Attachment, Sexuality

Detoxifying is the release of physical or energetic toxins and blockages. Short-term detoxification methods help our bodies cleanse and self-heal, and can be used for spiritual purposes. Flower essences offer support during detoxification and help stimulate the healing and re-centering process.

See also: Cleansing & Purification

Doubt can manifest as uncertainty in our perceptions of self, others, and the greater world, and can hold us back from pursuing our full potential. Prolonged periods of doubt and questioning can leave us disoriented and confused about our place in the world. A healthy sense of skepticism and discernment is also important in establishing and sticking to our personal truths. Flower essences can help distinguish between healthy skepticism and unfounded doubt that may hold us back from personal growth, and ease overwhelming feelings of self-doubt that may get in the way of pursuing our desires.

See also: Confidence, Truth, Perception

Dreams are a gateway to the unconscious and can provide valuable insight into ourselves. The symbolism in dreams is different for everyone, and knowing your personal dream language is vital to decoding your dream messages. Because flower essences perform on a subtle energetic level, they are well suited to work in conjunction with the dream state. They can assist with dream recall, soothe the trauma of nightmares, illuminate the meaning behind recurring dreams, and promote a natural sleep cycle to encourage dreams.

See also: Intuition, Third Eye Chakra, Perception

Eating issues can include under- or over-consumption of food, stress-based digestive problems, harmful dieting, cravings, and addictions.  They may be the result of stress and tension, a need for control, depression, or distorted self image. Eating issues can also include poor appetite or lack of interest in food, inability to maintain a nutritious diet, and the need to break unhealthy eating habits. Working with flower essences can help us identify the cause of our problematic relationship to food, and re-establish a healthy relationship.

See also: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Desire, Aversion, Self-Esteem

Ego is responsible for our personal identity, behavior, and sense of self. The ego is crucial for self-definition and expression, and allows us to create healthy boundaries between ourselves and others. An under-developed ego can be a symptom of uncertainty and self-doubt, while an over-developed ego can give us an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Working with flower essences can help us find harmony between the two extremes so that we can foster a healthy sense of who we are, while maintaining humility.

See also: Perception, Third Eye Chakra, Self-Esteem, Communication

Our physical energy is affected by our sleeping habits, nutritional and food intake, stress levels, emotional stimuli, and health; and requires constant monitoring and upkeep. Being aware of our energetic patterns and how we respond to various stimuli is vital in taking proper care of our physical health. Flower essences can balance or redirect overabundance of energy, or stimulate sluggish energy.

See also: Chakras, Boundaries