Theme Definitions

Our surrounding environment plays a significant role in our state of mind and body; being in places we find calming, energizing, tense, or chaotic affects how we feel emotionally and physically. Flower essences can help protect against negative or intrusive energies so that we feel at ease in crowds or hectic environments, maintain calm and balance in confused or tense environments, and settle into new or unfamiliar environments.

See also: Nature, Cleansing & Purification, Sensitivity, Boundaries, Grounding & Centering

The ability to effectively express our thoughts and emotions is part of a harmonious life. Self-expression is a vital component of interpersonal relationships, creative pursuits, and communication. Flower essences can help us improve the written, verbal, and non-verbal ways in which we communicate, and enable us to speak or write with precision and authenticity. They can also be of benefit to anyone searching for their creative voice, self-expression, and artistic expression.

See also: Communication, Creativity, Boundaries, Throat Chakra

Familial bonds are some of the most complicated relationships in our lives. Our understanding of the world and ourselves, most often flows from these profound primary relationships. Sometimes we need help to resolve conflicting emotions, or to embrace the beneficial qualities we learn from parents such as love, guidance and protection. Flower essences can help us restore relationships with our fathers or father figures or address childhood trauma. They can also support new fathers and help bring balance to home life.

See also:  Compassion, Safety & Security, Root Chakra, Heart Chakra

Fear can result from our own anxiety, phobias, from external stimuli or situations. Whether we deem it rational or irrational, fear holds us back from pursuing goals, creating meaningful relationships, or taking care of ourselves. Use flower essences to identify the root causes of fear and provide support during the healing process. Flower essences are also helpful in stabilizing acutely fearful situations such as trauma or panic attacks.

See also: Aversion, Anger, Anxiety, Perception, Trauma, Safety & Security, Root Chakra

The throat chakra is located in the pit of the throat, near the thyroid gland. It is associated with the colour blue, and relates to self expression, communication, creativity, and free will. It is the spirit of truth and purpose.  If this chakra is blocked or underactive, we may have difficulty expressing ourselves and asking to have our needs met. If overactive, we may be overly extroverted and talkative, and forceful with our opinions.

See also: Expression, Creativity, Confidence, Communication, Strength, Life Purpose, Truth, Wisdom

Located at the bottom of the spine and associated with the colour red, it governs our primary needs and sense of safety. The root chakra grounds us and brings us practicality and the ability to act in the physical world. If the root chakra is blocked or underactive, our connection to the flow of earth energy is disrupted, making us feel disconnected, ungrounded and we fear change and abandonment. When our root chakra is overactive, we can become impulsive, high strung, and domineering.

See also: Abandonment, Doubt, Fear, Anger, Eating Issues, Vulnerability, Boundaries, GroundingSafety & Security, Trust

The ability to concentrate on one task or goal is the basis of efficiency, and it can be discouraging to not be able to narrow down our thoughts on one task. Mastering the art of focus is essential when we’re working with deadlines, taking in new information, meditating, and healing. Flower essences can help unify many thoughts into one focused intention, and create clarity when our intentions are vague and loosely defined.

See also: Clarity, Meditation, Awareness, Overwhelm

Forgiving ourselves and others is an essential part of any healing process. The act of forgiving can be cathartic and symbolizes our readiness to move forward from trauma or old beliefs. Anger and resentment use up energy and are signs that we haven’t fully dealt with past experiences. Working with flower essences encourages an opening of the heart to compassion and forgiveness, and reminds us of the importance of the self-care we need to heal.

See also: Compassion, Love, Judgement, Perception, Acceptance

The heart chakra is located in the chest area and is associated with the colours green and pink. It relates to acceptance, compassion, all aspects of love including divine love, self- love, love of others and unconditional love. When the heart is open, we transcend the ego, and understand our place in the universe, seeking  to be of benefit to all beings. If the heart chakra is blocked or underactive, we may be cold, unemotional, distant, are constricted and, or tend toward feelings of jealously, envy, and distrust.

See also: Acceptance, Love, Trust, Joy, Heart, Mother, Father, Vulnerability, Intimacy

Frustration is a common reaction to opposition or resistance. It can be the result of challenges to fulfilling personal goals, criticism from others, or even just being stuck in traffic. Having unrealistic expectations, not allowing for unforeseen changes, and not being open to revising plans increases our chances of becoming frustrated, which can make us abandon projects, cause aggression or difficulties in communication, and create a false sense of our abilities. Flower essences can promote healthy ways of dealing with opposition, soothe tense nerves in times of high stress, and encourage creative problem solving and patience with processes.

See also: Aversion, Overwhelm, Stress