Theme Definitions

Appropriate boundaries strengthen the heart to allow intimacy and vulnerability. The experience of intimacy can be felt as a deep love, connection and care for another, oneself and also the divine. Flower essences can help us trust again after a trauma or break up and address remoteness, lack of connection with others, and fear of rejection; and help us be empathetic and receptive.

See also: Love, Vulnerability, Trust, Trauma

Intuition is the state of inner knowing that shows us what is right for us, and can even be prophetic. Whichever form it comes in, intuition stems from a place of clarity and awareness of our internal and external states. A lack of intuition may be a sign that we need to pay closer attention to how we’re feeling, what our limits are, and how we’re affected by the world around us. Working with flower essences can strengthen these connections, help us trust and balance our intuition, and allow for a deeper understanding of personal truths.

See also: Third Eye Chakra, Dreams, Trust

Joy is supported by the pillars of gratitude and love, and is an essential part of many spiritual practices. It can also arise out of the pure experience and expression of love. As a practice, we can cultivate joy to experience it more deeply and more often. Flower essences can provide us with the grace to open ourselves to joyful living, and remind us of the joy that resides in all aspects of life.

See also: Love

When we are caught in judgment, we close ourselves off from perceiving things as they actually are, and tend towards projections, assumptions, judging people, ourselves, or situations in a narrow, limiting way. Letting go of judgment can be a slow and challenging process since we may have a lifetime habit of judging mind. It can also be extremely liberating, helping us to see the beauty in all things, to have compassion for the suffering of others, and thereby transforming our hearts and minds with love.

See also: Criticism, Perception, Truth

Coming to know our purpose can be a confusing and difficult process. We may be unsure of our talents and how to put them to use, experience indecision or inability to commit to a path, or feel as though our chosen path is not adequate. We can also lose our direction after trauma or periods of depression. Flower essences can help us define our life path and provide the clarity, confidence, commitment, and perseverance to pursue it. They can ease our resistance, help us feel worthy, and help us see the importance of our roles in the greater picture.

See also: Solar Plexus Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Creativity, Clarity, Higher Self

See Grief

We can think of love as our true nature, the most pure and beautiful aspect of being human. Our ability to experience and express love can be unfortunately limited or hampered by difficult events or traumas. Flower essences help us to re-kindle the love in our hearts after periods of being closed off, in pain. They help us to know and embrace our own true nature, and move us towards heart healing so we may live fully with gratitude, joy and love.

See also: Heart Chakra, Compassion, Intimacy, Trust, Forgiveness

Manifestation is the outcome of actively pursuing our needs and desires and making change in the world. It is the process of defining what we want to achieve, creating a space in which we can achieve it, setting a realistic plan in motion, and staying grounded while we carry out our work. We may be uncertain about these processes, or have difficulty finding them within ourselves; flower essences can provide insight into our talents, and help us facilitate new ways of approaching and pursuing our goals, bringing a fresh outlook and energy to the creative process.

See also: Creativity, Abundance, Solar Plexus Chakra, Throat Chakra

The practice of meditation is the focusing of one’s attention inwardly to develop clarity, wisdom, and grounding. It may take the form of sitting quietly in stillness, walking, eating, creating art, or any other activity that is conducive to inner reflection. We may feel overwhelmed by where to start with a meditation practice, or frustrated by the challenge of quieting the mind. Working with flower essences helps us to still the mind and supports our intention and ability to cultivate a strong meditation practice.

See also: Third Eye Chakra, Focus, Clarity, Awareness, Truth, Patience, Stress

Our relationship to our mother can be very complex and involve many different emotions, associations, or expectations.  As deep and profound as this bind may be, the mother/child relationship can often be wrought with suffering and confusion. Working with flower essences can help us connect with a place of nurturance and care for our mother(s), our children and also ourselves; as well as helping to provide healthy boundaries in all personal relationships.  New mothers can also use essences to help bring balance to their own and their family’s lives.

See also: Compassion, Safety & Security, Root Chakra, Heart Chakra