Theme Definitions

Our modern culture often leads us to feeling disconnected from nature and to see ourselves as separate and distinct from the natural world. Cultivating feelings of interconnectedness can strengthen our sense of self and purpose, as well as counteracting depression, feelings of alienation and to help promote healing. Working with flower essences can help awaken a connection to nature, the universe, and our inner selves. They can be used during meditation and spiritual practices to deepen this connection and expand our awareness, particularly while living in a city, and during times of environmental conflict to support stressed relationships to the earth.

See also: Chakras, Life Purpose, Truth

This can be understood as a preoccupation with ideas, people, or places that is overwhelming and may be accompanied by restlessness and anxiety that interferes with our quality of life. An obsession can result from past trauma or shaming, or unfounded anxiety and worry about possible future events. Working with flower essences can illuminate where obsessive patterns and behaviors stem from, and help us move past them to reach our full potential.

See also: Stress, Trauma, Addiction, Attachment, Anxiety

During times of stress and high demand we may become unable to meet our own self-care needs, become run-down, tense, over stimulated, easily agitated, depressed, unhappy, and can even shut down socially or professionally. Working with flower essences during stressful and demanding situations or during extended periods in negative environments can remind us of the importance of self-care and healthy boundaries. They support the ability to focus scattered thoughts into effective actions that further our progress while ensuring we reserve time and energy for ourselves.

See also: Stress, Anxiety, Environment

Perception is about clearly noticing ourselves, others, and our environment. Skewed perceptions affect how we interpret and participate in the world, and can leave us feeling inadequate or with an inflated sense of self, and can interfere with self-awareness, communication, relationships, and working at our fullest potential. Working with flower essences addresses these biased perceptions and allows us to accept the world around us with increasing clarity and confidence.  Flower essences can also help us become more perceptive of the subtle energies around us.

See also: Third Eye Chakra, Truth, Judgement, Awareness

A balanced sense of personal power means confidence, a healthy self-image and trust in oneself to take control of our lives, the ability to let go when needed, and clear personal boundaries. Too little power can mean a weak personality, submission to others, and the inability to take control of our lives; too much power can make us overbearing, controlling, and insensitive to others.  Flower essences can help us move towards balance in these areas.

See also: Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Boundaries, Confidence, Strength

Putting off responsibilities can result from feelings of overwhelm, stress, or self doubt. We may hesitate to begin a new project out of fear of failure or because of feelings of inadequacy; this can result in further frustration and stress, troubled self esteem, and ineffective work habits. Working with flower essences can help us confront the feelings behind procrastination, summon the courage to begin overwhelming tasks, and minimize our inner critic to help us manifest our full creative potential.

See also: Overwhelm, Stress, Aversion

Creating healthy boundaries in energetic relationships is vital when working with others, especially in circumstances of care-giving, healing, teaching, or general exposure to negativity. Flower essences can help up create a space in which communications and practices are protected from negative influences, but are still meaningful.

See also: Root Chakra, Sensitivity

Scheduling time for self-care and relaxation can be an immense help in preventing burnout from overexertion, when we find ourselves depleted of energy, enthusiasm or joy.  When we relax, we are able to replenish ourselves on many levels. Though it may be difficult to make the time to relax in our very busy lives, it is nevertheless crucial to our wellness. Flower essences can help support us by moving through blocks to self-care, as well as bringing ease to the body/mind with energetic healing so we may experience a degree of calm in our beings.  They are also helpful if we are prone to experiencing anxiety or overexcitement from stimulating experiences.

See also: Balance, Energy, Restorative, Stress

Releasing attachments, toxins, trauma, negativity, and emotions that no longer serve us is part of the process of deep emotional healing, and creates space for new connections and positive habits that serve our highest good to manifest. Working with flower essences can help us ease past the trauma held in our bodies and release old patterns that no longer serve us, such as false beliefs and perceptions about ourselves and the world around us. Flower Essences can also help us recognize when it’s time to let go of relationships, or situations that are no longer beneficial to us.

See also: Attachment, Cleansing & Purification, Chakras