Theme Definitions

Our many forms of strength (physical, emotional, spiritual) are intertwined with each other, and impact our general health and well-being. Working with flower essences helps us strengthen our minds and bodies and cultivate resilience and a strong sense of self during adversity and traumatic experiences, and can help us balance misguided strength that may become overbearing or used for negative purposes.

See also: Solar Plexus Chakra, Power, Clarity, Focus, Will

Stress is a normal reaction to a difficult situation, person, or energy,  and can affect us in so many ways, depending on the situation, our past experience,  perceptions, and sensitivity. We may be aware that we’ve been pushing ourselves too much, or be unaware about how the pressure is affecting us. How we deal with and manage our stress can greatly affect the impact it has on our lives, both short term and long term. Flower essences can help us decrease the effects of various stressors, and set us on the path to becoming more balanced and equipped to handle the inevitable surprises life presents to us. The essences can ease feelings of panic and overwhelm, and provide support during periods of shock and uncertainty.

See also:  Overwhelm, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Energy, Relaxation

The solar plexus chakra is located between the navel and sternum and is associated with the colour yellow. It relates to our sense of self, personal power individuality, and confidence, and is where personality and ego are formed.  If our solar plexus chakra is blocked or underactive, we may have an underdeveloped sense of self, and can experience difficultly asserting ourselves and establishing boundaries. When it is overactive, we can be overbearing and pompous in interactions with others.

See also: Confidence, Self esteem, Ego, Judgement, Life Purpose, Will

Transforming previous life experiences into wisdom and self-knowledge is a process. We may feel stuck in a situation, unsure of how to progress, or be held back from transformative healing because of unresolved emotions and conflicts. Working with flower essences can help us identify what needs to be transformed and renewed in our lives while maintaining a sense of our true self and fullest potential.

See also: Transition, Manifestation, Creativity

Transitioning from careers, relationships, residences, and other life situations can be stressful and confusing. We might be unsure about what we want to pursue and how to go about it and might find the change difficult. Working with flower essences during times of change and upheaval can help us remain centered and grounded when other factors are up in the air. Flower Essences can help us realize and focus our true intentions for our chosen path, and create calm and clarity during transition and the ability to leave the past behind and accept change with grace and faith.

See also: Transformation, Manifestation

Trauma can be experienced as a physical wound to the body, a profoundly painful emotional, psychological, or spiritual shock or even simultaneously on all levels. Often after the traumatic event has passed, the effects of the trauma remain in the body/mind,  locked in our cellular memory, and can manifest in harmful ways until we can uncover it and begin the healing process. Flower essences can provide support in many ways such as in acute physical, emotional, and spiritual emergencies.  They can be used after accidents and sudden or unexpected events to ease shock; during recovery from physical illness or surgery; during times of emotional upheaval. They can provide stability during large-scale change and healing from old traumas.

See also: Stress, Overwhelm, Sensitivity, Addiction, Vulnerability

The ability to trust and have faith in ourselves and others is affected by our early experiences and relationships. We may tend towards being closed off and secretive because of past hurts, or because we have not been shown trust by others in our lives. Working with flower essences can help us trust in the support systems around us—through ourselves, family, and friends—and can help us open up to faith and place ourselves into the hands of divine support when undergoing healing and confronting our fears.

See also: Root Chakra, Acceptance, Vulnerability, Clarity, Perception

Balancing vulnerability with self-protection requires establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. Intimacy is dependent upon vulnerability, but we must remain aware of which emotions and energies are our own and which aren’t. Working with flower essences can help us stay energetically open to others when we may be inclined towards distancing, or strengthen our boundaries when we are too vulnerable.

See also: Trust, Sensitivity, Protection, Root Chakra, Boundaries

Grounded and balanced willpower allows us to manifest our abstract and creative ideas. Healthy willpower means turning thoughts into action, the ability to stand up for ourselves, address confrontation, and take on leadership roles. Flower essences can stimulate our willpower in times of internal lethargy or aggression from others.

See also: Strength, Power, Perception, Solar Plexus Chakra, Throat Chakra