Charcoal for Incense Quick Lighting Three Kings Wonderworks
Charcoal - Quick Lighting for Incense (1 Roll of 10 coals)
Charcoal - Quick Lighting for Incense (1 Roll of 10 coals)

Charcoal - Quick Lighting for Incense (1 Roll of 10 coals)

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For use with our Loose Handblended incense and resins. Three Kings charcoal for incense is a quality brand made from beech wood, they burn slowly and evenly, without smoke or odour. These are easy to use, but as with all flamable materials, use with caution and care. Each charcoal disc burns for approximately 1 - 1.5hrs.

How to use Quick-Lighting Charcoal For Incense:

Select a fire-safe dish to use as a censor. A Ceramic Dish is great to use, as are our our Iron Cauldrons which are very sturdy and safe. If you use a ceramic dish, it is recommended to also put another saucer or something heatproof underneath the ceramic dish. This is because the coals heat up considerably,  so you want to protect the surface (table etc)  it is on, so the heat doesn't scorch the surface it is place on. If you are burning incense on an altar, you may choose to place your censor in the East quadrant, to represent the Air Element.

To light the charcoal, hold it in one hand and light it with a match with your other hand, and place it on the censor. It will spark and smoke as it lights, but when it is fully lit, it is an odorless, smokeless heat source. You can test that it’s ready by blowing gently on it to see if it glows. Place your incense on the hot coal (resins, herbs). Only a small amount at a time, and replenish as necessary. The coal and incense will burn to a fine ash. To extinguish the coal before it’s done burning, simply add a few drops of water. You will not be able to re-light the coal if you do this. Do not leave coals burning unattended.

Charcoal is sold in rolls of 10 discs each. 

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