Rose Spice Tea 16oz jar Wonderworks Signature Collection Herbal Tea
Rose Spice Tea 16oz jar Wonderworks Signature Collection Herbal Tea
Wonderworks Signature Collection Holiday Baskets Roses Spice Tea Herbal Tea

Rose Spice Herbal Tea - 16oz glass jar

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A favourite signature blend that originated from our days on Harbord Street!

Our Rose Spice Tea is deliciously flavourful and rich, combining fresh floral notes of red rose petals and lavender buds with the sweetness of cardamom, star anise and licorice root, finally, it's balanced and complemented with the spicy warmth of clove and cinnamon.  A warm hug on a chilly day.

This tea is full of healing benefits: energetically, the rose brings love and comfort to your heart chakra. Physically,  this blend supports your digestive system, relaxes nervous tension and is balancing. It also help to support and protect you during cold and flu season due to the anti-oxidant, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of these healing herbs. This magical blend is as medicinal as it is delicious.

Rose Spice Tea is lovingly blended in-house and packaged in large glass jars to ensure freshness. Made with only 100% all natural ingredients with no additives or sweeteners.

Allow to steep for at least 15 minutes to enjoy the richness and flavours of all the herbs, flowers and spices. Make a pot using a tea ball, or let steep loose in the tea pot and strain to serve.

16 oz glass jar.

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