Frankincense & Sage Healing Bath Salts
Frankincense & Sage Healing Bath Salts

Frankincense & Sage Healing Bath Salts

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A rich, warming, sacred bath to cleanse, release, relax and purify your energy. Created to invoke the wisdom and healing of Sage & Frankincense, we have also included Clary Sage essential for protection and aura cleansing.  Vetivert lends grounding and balance to this blissful blend,  helping to lift your spirit while bringing a  deep sense of peace.

Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom Salt, Natural Baking Soda. Pure Essential oils of Frankincense, Sage, Clary Sage and Vetivert

Add 2 -3 Tbsp to bath for a cleansing, relaxing and healing soak

9 oz glass jar

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