Rosa Mystica Facial Spray Wonderworks Signature Collection

Rosa Mystica Facial Spray (Frosted Glass Spraytop)

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Lovingly crafted in-house with our favourite essential oils of Rose, Neroli and hint of uplifting Peppermint. This healing and refreshing spray is blended in a base of Rose Hydrosol and distilled water. 100% pure natural ingredients, a benediction for your face.

Soothing and calming, this is a wonderful skin tonic that also provides the gentle heart-healing energy of roses, the most sacred flower.

Use Rosa Mystica Facial Spray as a daily tonic, refresher, soother and blessing all in one.

This intoxicating mist was first created by Rochelle for the ritual purpose of sacred bathing and purification.  

100ml Frosted Glass Mist

60ml Travel Size Mist

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