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Lighten Up Energy Flow Formula

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Lighten Up is a combination formula designed to increase your ability to embody light. Its overall effect is to uplift, energize, inspire and nourish.

This formula was created specifically for people who suffer from light deprivation. This condition may be present because of where they live (extreme northern or southern latitudes or in a dark apartment), or because of the efficiency level of their energy system (energy pathways undeveloped or blocked).

This formula is also helpful for those who are depressed, caught in negative patterns or situations, or feel cut off from their inner sources of light.

The ingredients in Lighten Up work on three main levels. The first is to open and cleanse the chakras so you can draw more life force energy through appropriate channels already present in your energy system. The second is to cleanse and expand the energy pathways in your physical body. This includes amplifying your ability to assimilate light at the cellular level. The third is to strengthen your ability to integrate experience, thereby increasing the amount of energy that can flow through your body and life.

Use the Lighten Up formula:

  • When you are fatigued or feel a chronic lack of energy on the physical level
  • When you want to enhance the qualities of Light in your living and working environments
  • With animals that must be kept inside for long periods, especially during the winter months
  • In the classroom, when you are losing your ability to concentrate
  • On plants to give them extra light and energy during short winter days

    Instructions for Use: The Lighten Up formula can be taken internally or added to your bath whenever you feel the need for more light and energy. It is also very effective when sprayed on the body and in your environment. Mist it into your house or office after it has been cleansed with the Purification spray.

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