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Travel Ease Journey Spray

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The Travel Ease combination was specifically designed to ease the negative effects of air travel, including what is commonly referred to as jet lag.

If you are environmentally sensitive and have difficulty being confined in small, constricted spaces for long periods of time, Travel Ease will help you feel as though you have all the personal space you need, even on a crowded flight, train or cruise. This formula supports the establishment and maintenance of functional energy boundaries.

Travel Ease helps us maintain the overall integrity of our energy fields, which are challenged by electromagnetic radiation generated by the planes avionics and wiring, and by the noise and vibration generated by the plane during flight. Travel Ease also promotes the ongoing release of any toxic or unwanted energies that we absorb during our trip. 

Travel Ease also addresses the disorientation that comes from traveling to new places and from moving through multiple time zones. This formula helps you maintain your grounding during the trip and keep your body energies synchronized and aligned with the Earth's energy as you move from one location to another. 


The essences in this formula:

  • White Violet - helps us maintain strong functional boundaries when confined in small spaces
  • Yarrow - protects us from the energies of others and the environment
  • Smoky Quartz - synchronizes our auric field with the natural vibration of the earth
  • Black Tourmaline - helps us release toxic energy from the environment
  • Covellite - brings strength, clarity and definition to the auric field

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