White Sage - Loose (40g)
White Sage - Loose (40g)
White Sage - Loose (40g)
White Sage - Loose (40g)

White Sage - Loose (40g)

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White Sage (Salvia apiana, also known as California White Sage)  is a sacred herb which is burned for the purpose of purification, releasing negative energies,  and offering blessings. Energy clearing is a spiritual, yet practical way to purify the mind, emotions and body, as well as objects and even environments. Originating from traditional Indigenous ceremonial practice, many people have adopted this sacred rite of burning White Sage as a way to energetically cleanse themselves and homes. White Sage may be burned in a heat proof dish or Abalone Shell

Personal Energy Cleansing with White Sage:

Remember that this is a sacred act and therefore must be conducted with respect, mindfulness and gratitude. When energetically clearing yourself or someone else, start by breathing deeply with intention. When the smoke is rising, use your hands to scoop the smoke upwards and move it as if to wash over your head and face. Carry on with this action, washing your hands with the smoke, and slowly guiding the smoke around your whole body, passing it under limbs and under your feet. Feel it out intuitively - you'll know the work is done when you feel refreshed, positive, and clear. 

Burning White Sage to Cleanse Your Space:

If you want to do a cleansing in your home, space clearing is relatively simple;  light your White Sage. Once you have a flame, then you want to wave it out so you just  have the smouldering smoke to work with. To avoid accidents, burns, or mess, keep your White Sage in your heat-safe vessel at all times. You can use any flame-proof or heat-safe container, such as a clay bowl or an abalone shell. Wave your hands or a feather to disperse the smoke into all corners of the room, keeping your focus on purifying the space. If you’d like, recite a prayer or blessing, and simply move with the intention of using the smoke as a tool to clear out all unwanted energy. Be sure to have a window open so the smoke does not linger and may exit the space.

Personal Items for Energy Cleansing  - this is up to you, but may include Tarot or Oracle Cards; Crystals; Jewelry; Objects or sacred tools that you may use or keep on an altar, like candle holders, vessels, images, icons etc.

Our Loose White Sage comes packaged in 40g paper bags, piece sizes vary


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