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Clary Sage Essential Oil 15ml

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Salvia sclarea. Origin - Russia

Clary Sage essential is a uniquely herbaceous oil valued for it's varied therapeutic as well as spiritual benefits such as helping to clear out stagnant energy. Warming and euphoric, it  can help one experience a deeper connection between self and spirit.  The depth of this sacred oil brings confidence and strength of spirit, another reason it was chosen as a key ingredient in our Walking Strong Therapeutic Protection Oil 

An extremely relaxing oil, it can produce a deep state of calm, and can be even sedating while producing a sense of elation at the same time, especially in a bath.

Clary Sage may be used variously - added to sea salt for healing bath, blended in with a carrier for anointing or massage, or in inhalation with a diffuser steam. 

15ml bottle


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