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Frankincense has been burned  as a sacred incense for centuries for it's incredible aromatic and spiritually purifying benefits. Frankincense smoke is excellent for cleansing energy, opening up your awareness and third eye for meditation, prayer, magical practice or personal development work such as journalling.  Frankincense has been used throughout history to enhance spiritual perception and consciousness. Use to soothe the spirit, it is also helpful to decrease stress and anxiety. 

In addition to these energetic and spiritual benefits, frankincense is also anti-bacterial so using it also helps to cleanse your space of toxins.

Our frankincense which comes from Egypt,  is a particularly pure and beautifully aromatic, type of frankincense, the resin pieces known as tears are golden in colour.

For burning the frankincense resin, you will need to use the Quick Lighting Charcoal. The frankincense is simply a pure resin, therefore you need a heat source to burn it.

Charcoal for burning frankincense:

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