Spearmint Essential Oil (15ml)
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Spearmint Essential Oil (15ml)

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Spearmint is a perennial herb that offers a sweet and minty aroma. Much like peppermint it has a cooling and refreshing effect while being softer and lighter.

Spearmint helps to relieve nervous tension, stress and has an overall calming effect on the mind and body. It carries anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties while also helping to ease digestion and an upset stomach. 

It's a perfect oil to use mid day when you're feeling fatigued. Use it mixed in a spray, in a diffuser or with your favourite carrier oil. 

*Use with caution - If you use Spearmint topically, it must be properly diluted. Not to be ingested. For topical use only

Blends well with eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, orange and lime 

15ml bottle

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