Altar Practice: Honouring the Mother BY Vanessa

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If you popped into Wonderworks over Mother’s Day weekend, you may have seen or even interacted with our communal altar which was set up to honour the mother figures that have made a lasting imprint on us, as well as revere nurturing, feminine goddesses such as Kwan Yin and Mother Mary. The space was beautifully adorned with fresh flowers, crystals, candles, goddess statues, photos of loved ones and handwritten notes of gratitude to a spectrum of motherly energies. Our community enjoyed paying tribute collectively, as well as the overall reflective experience the space provided.    


But what is an altar, exactly?

An altar is a sacred space, which can be a temporary or permanent structure for devotional practice. It is a temple place meant to revere deities/goddesses/gods and leave offerings, it is where one can pay respect to ancestors, celebrate a connection to the elements and earth mother, call in energy to charge intentions, offer prayers, receive inspiration or empowerment. Whether your practice is informal or ritualistic, altars act as a focus point for workings and worship. This magical workspace is often elaborately adorned with flowers, stones, incense, heirlooms, iconography corresponding to the figure/energy being honoured – or, can be as simple as finding a quiet space to light a candle with personal intention.

Why worship?

Worship is an act of reverence that allows us to deeply connect our spirit to that of a higher power, earth energy, a loved one.  As we honour, we acknowledge and express gratitude for the positive support imparted onto us from that which we seek out, cultivating a reciprocal exchange of energy.   

Create your own!

You may also feel called to honour or celebrate a loved one in a more personal and special way. Gather items that represent the individual or research correspondences related to your focus, then arrange your sacred space in a way that is pleasing to you!  

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