The Magic of Raw Incense

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The Magic of Raw Incense

Burning incense in all-natural raw resin and raw herb form is a special treat for the soul and senses! This ritual of raw incense has been used for centuries to purify the home and places of worship and create a tranquil energy. There are so many lovely choices, each with their own unique fragrance and power.

This post will review a few of the classical raw incense ingredients, a few of Wonderworks’ special blends, and gives instructions for burning raw incense on charcoal. Enjoy the experience!

Raw Incense, resins, herbs and blends and their significance:

Frankincense (Olibanum)
Frankincense has been used throughout history to enhance spiritual perception and consciousness. It soothes the spirit by slowing and deepening breathing, making it useful in meditation and prayer. It has traditionally been burned in places of worship to repel negative energy. Frankincense has a heavy, balsamic scent.
Fire element, sun association.

Sacred in Mayan and Aztec cultures, copal is the hardened resin of the Bursera tree from Central and South America. Burn it for cleansing, divination, and protection from illness and misfortune. It smells similar to frankincense, but crisper and sweeter, and less smokey.
Fire element.

Dragon’s Blood
This palm tree resin gets its name from its dark red colour. Dragon’s Blood is used in spells and rituals for money and love-drawing, sexuality, protection, and banishing. It has historically been used throughout Europe to facilitate psychic ability and guard against hexes. It has a heavy, spicy, smoky scent.
Fire Element, Mars association.

Myrrh has been used in rites and rituals from ancient Egypt to the present day. It evokes feelings of tranquility, calms the nervous system, promotes healing, and eases sorrow and grief. Its scent is similar to frankincense: musky, heavy, and slightly sweet.
Fire element, Mars association.

Known as ‘spiritual bleach’, menthol is a powerful cleanser used in purifying rituals. It is burned to protect spaces and keep away unwanted energies. Similar in scent to eucalyptus, but stronger. Menthol cleanses everything out of an environment, so we recommend burning something nice after using it.
Air element.

One of the most widely used scents in aromatherapy, lavender gives emotional balance and calms the mind and psyche, making it highly effective for treating insomnia and stress. It is often burned in healing and love rituals, and is used to attract love and protect relationships. It has a sweet and floral scent.
Air element, Mercury Association.The Wonderworks house blend is a combination of Lavendar and Copal.

From the cypress tree family. Juniper berries are used in aromatherapy to purify the aura, clarify thought, sharpen memory, and reduce anxiety. Smoke from burning juniper berries is fresh and woody, similar to pine but richer.
Jupiter and moon association.

From the Great Lakes region, sweetgrass is burned for prayer, to purify spaces, and at the beginning of rituals to attract positive energies and influences. It is a sacred plant, and is traditionally woven into braids to represent the culmination of mind, body, and spirit. Its scent is sweet, vanilla-ish and a bit grassy.
Air and water element, Venus association.

Wonderworks Special Raw Hand-Blended Incenses
We make many more than this, but here are some favourites:

Dragon Lady Blend
Dragon’s Blood, Sage, Rosemary, Juniper, Frankincense, Patchouly, Pine, and Black Pepper.
Properties: Rich, ripe, earthy, dark, … protection for your voyage between the worlds.

Solstice Gold Winter Blend
Juniper, Frankincense, Pine, Marigold, Lavender, Rose, Copal, Sweetgrass, Cedar, Cinnamon, Clove, Orange. 
Properties: Illumination, warmth, sweetness and spice.

Gaia’s Blessing
Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary, Copal, Lemon Oil. 
Properties: Earth healing, promotes spirituality and purification. 

Charcoal & Raw Incense Burning Instructions:
Select a fire-safe dish to use as a censor (ceramic or stone is ideal, seashells are possible if you put sand under the charcoal). The coals heat up considerably, so place your censor on a dish or safe place where it won’t scorch the surface.
If you are burning incense on an altar, you can burn the censor in the East quadrant, to represent the element air.

To light the charcoal, hold it in one hand and light it with a match with your other hand, and place it on the censor. It will spark and smoke as it lights, but when it is fully lit, it is an odorless, smokeless heat source. You can test that it’s ready by blowing gently on it to see if it glows.

Place your incense on the hot coal (resins, herbs). Only a small amount at a time, and replenish as necessary. The coal and incense will burn to a fine ash.
To extinguish the coal before it’s done burning, simply add a few drops of water. You will not be able to re-light the coal if you do this.
Do not leave coals burning unattended.

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