Body-Mind-Spirit: Natural Benefits of Beeswax Candles

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Why is beeswax so much better than other candles? Besides smelling like honey and being 100% natural, we have put together a list of the many practical and health benefits of using beeswax candles. Because they are so wonderful in terms of being all natural and healthy, they are therefore totally in line with a holistic approach to wellness and spirituality - working with the natural gifts from Mother Earth to support you in a truely aligned Body Mind Spirit way. 

  • Environmentally friendly, beeswax is a renewable source
  • Pure, natural and healthy
  • Long burn time - our large 9″ pillars burn for over 150 hours!
  • Clean burning and toxic-free, natural cotton wick
  • Taper and Altar style candles are virtually dripless, no mess!
  • Emits negative ions which help to clean the air of toxins and bring dust and pollutants to the ground
  • Burn longer, hotter and brighter than conventional candles
  • Energetically brings peace, calm, warmth and brightness to a space

From no small miracle of nature, beeswax candles literally clean and purify the air. Beeswax is the only substance known that releases negative ions as it burns. What this does in your home is to encourage toxins such as dust, pollen and other positively charged air contaminants to the floor making them easier to clean from your environment. Because it is pulling these unseen pollutants from the air, beeswax can be beneficial for reducing allergies and lessening asthma symptoms.

Beeswax Candles can also be invaluable in your spiritual practice. The soothing glow of a candle flame is a beautiful and ancient symbol of both inner and divine light. The sacred practice of candle lighting may offer prayer, make magic or simply create a gentle healing environment. 

Check out our selection of beeswax tapers, altar candles, pillars, votives, birthday candles, chakra candles and tea lights! Made especially for Wonderworks by BeeGlo Candles, a local, ethical, family owned and operated candlemaker. All colour dyes  are vegetable based and 100% natural!


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