Energy Clearing Practices - Indoors & Outdoors

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Energy clearing is a spiritual, yet practical way to purify the mind, emotions and body, as well as objects and even environments. Burning sacred herbs like White Sage, Sweetgrass and Cedar, is a traditional Indigenous ceremonial practice for purification, releasing negative energies, protection and offering blessings. 

Many have adopted this sacred practice as a way to energetically cleanse themselves and homes, but did you know you can also purify your garden, cars, cottages? Plants have incredible healing properties which can be used to cultivate positivity, assist in balancing, restoring and clearing yourself and your environment.

Burning Frankincense resin, is another popular yet ancient method of purification and creating sacred space. A favourite at Wonderworks, it is also found in several varieties of our Hand-blended Incense collection. This aromatic resin, shaped like small golden tears is produced from the sap of the Boswellia Sacra tree. (below: Frankincense resin burning on charcoal)


When is energy clearing necessary?

• Anytime that you sense the presence of negative energy in your environment; when a space feels "stagnant" or heavy and in need of an energetic lift
• When you are feeling down, depressed, or drained of vitality
• Removing unwanted energy to protect your home, yourself, workspace, or surroundings
• When receiving used gifts or second-hand items 
• When moving into a new living space, or if there has been any change in the occupancy in your home
• When engaging in spiritual activity or energy work with others

Energy clearing is especially beneficial as a means to prepare yourself and  your space for personal work such as meditation, journaling, ritual or magic practice.

Cleansing can be done in a number of ways. The most well known method uses burning White Sage, either in bundled stick form or burning the loose White Sage leaves. 

Burning White Sage to Cleanse Your Space:

If you want to do a cleansing in your home, space clearing is relatively simple;  light your White Sage (or other sacred herb you have chosen to use). Once you have a flame, then you want to wave it out so you just  have the smoldering smoke to work with. To avoid accidents, burns, or mess, keep your loose herb or herbal stick in your heat-safe vessel at all times. You can use any flame-proof or heat-safe container, such as a clay bowl or an abalone shell. Wave your hands or a feather to disperse the smoke into all corners of the room, keeping your focus on purifying the space. If you’d like, recite a prayer or blessing, and simply move with the intention of using the smoke as a tool to clear out all unwanted energy. Be sure to have a window open so the smoke does not linger and may exit the space.

Cleansing Yourself or Another Person:

Remember that this is a sacred act and therefore must be conducted with respect, mindfulness and an open heart. When energetically clearing yourself or someone else, start by breathing deeply with intention. When the smoke is rising, use your hands to scoop the smoke upwards and move it as if to wash over your head and face. Carry on with this action, washing your hands with the smoke, and slowly guiding the smoke around your whole body, wash your hands in the smoke, passing it under limbs and under your feet. Feel it out intuitively - you'll know the work is done when you feel refreshed, positive, and clear. 

Cleansing Objects or Sacred Tools:

You may cleanse the energy from objects that you use for your own spiritual or wellness practice. To do this you may use White Sage, Palo Santo, Frankincense or our Purification Handblended Incense. With your smoldering sacred smoke, simply pass the objects through the smoke, if you are using cards, you can fan them out in your hand and wave them through the smoke release any unwanted energy on your cards or other objects

Personal Items for Energy Cleansing  - this is up to you, but may include Tarot or Oracle Cards; Crystals; Jewelry; Objects or sacred tools that you may use or keep on an altar, like candle holders, vessels, images, icons etc.

White Sage in Abalone Shell Wonderworks

(Above: White Sage in Abalone Shell)

Here are some practical cleansing tips for this summer, from us to you.  

Outdoor cleansing is useful if you are finding that there are negative energies in your surroundings. If you feel as though your garden or yard has been receiving unwanted visitors or your plants aren’t doing as well as you wish they could, cleansing can re-energize the area while instilling positivity and keeping pests at bay. This practice also creates sacred space, so if you plan to do any magical work in the garden or out of doors, using sacred herbs helps you create and protect your own sacred space – anywhere you want!

Burning sacred herbs while enjoying the outdoors is also a great idea, as bugs like mosquitos may avoid the scent altogether. Try burning a handful of loose White Sage in your outdoor firepit to keep pests away. Mosquitos are also notoriously avoidant of sage, citronella, mint, and lavender, so be sure to have those essential oils on hand for extra protection.

For those with cottages or summer homes, energy clearing is a great idea when visiting for the warmer months. If your summer destination is used by others or has been lying vacant for a while, this practice will help remove old or stagnant energies that may have collected since last use. Just as you would energetically cleanse your home, light your preferred herb in a fire-safe container, extinguish the flame, and let the smoke purify your surroundings. Be sure to push the smoke into every corner of every room, and open up the windows and doors to allow the energy to flow.

Did you know you can also cleanse your car? Think about it – the inside of a car is a personal, mobile habitat for a lot of people, and negativity can collect on your car seats just as much as they can collect on your living room couch.  Cleanse your car with the windows or doors open, and be sure to include the trunk, engine, and over/under the vehicle as well. Just be sure the car is off and in a parked position! Cleansing your car is especially useful after getting in an accident, or after someone else has driven it.

Wonderworks carries of variety of energy cleansing tools and accessories to fit all preferences, including locally grown sacred herb bundles, White Sage sticks, loose White Sage, hand-blended incense AND smokeless energy clearing sprays, that we make and Sacred Space Sprays from our friends at Alaskan Essences!

Check out our full line in-store or on our website. Some of our favourite burnables include Frankincense, our Fresh Start Blend and Purification Blend, all of which can be burned on a charcoal disc in a fire-safe bowl. If you're looking for a rich aromatherapy experience, or just prefer not to burn, try our Sage Sweetgrass Space Spray which smells divine!

Note: If you are planning on burning herbs during the dry season, or in a very dry area, use extreme caution when using open flames. Use a fire-safe bowl, ashtray, or abalone shell to catch the ash and act as a container for your herb.


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