What is YIN Yoga? BY Vanessa

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Have you been searching for a more gentle movement practice that not only benefits the physical body, but nurtures the mind and soul, too? Yin is a restorative practice that does just that - think of it as meditative stretching!

Opposite to Yang-style yoga, the active, energetic sequences typically featured in studios – Yin is a passive, gentle practice that promotes a deep-rooted sense of calm and inner wellbeing. Through slow, conscious movement and observation of the physical body and its’ needs (which change daily) a practitioner will sink deeply into the body, into target areas to stretch muscles and break up fascia, improving flexibility and mobility. Merging the attention of the body and breath into a single point of focus, naturally achieves mental centeredness and clarity. Many practitioners enjoy not only the physical benefits, but the introspective qualities of Yin, finding it deeply meditative.

Yin poses are held for 3-5 minutes each to enhance the stretch. Savasana is alternated between each pose to then reap the benefits of a contrasting physical experience: indulging a sweet release of tension in relaxing “Puddle" pose thoughout the practice and at the very end of the session.

As a restorative and nurturing modality, it promotes a quiet balance to our hectic lives and brings us back in-tune with our bodily needs, in the present moment. Yin practice asks you to pause, breathe, hear the body’s messages, honour your capabilities and limitations as they change daily and work through it with consciousness and compassion.

A perfect practice for grounding and harmonizing the mind, body, soul experience.

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