Elemental Sound Bath: Healing with the Magic of Mother Nature BY Chris Johnstone

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Staying connected to the changing seasons and natural landscapes can sometimes be challenging in our daily lives, especially if we live in urban areas. Many of us are creatures of habit and comfort. We become driven by our weekly work schedules, daily chores and family commitments, as well as being simultaneously distracted by media and technology. This can cause us to become disconnected from the natural sounds, scents and seasonal cycles around us. 

A healing sound bath is a magical way to reconnect us to the sounds of nature both within us and around us. The experience begins using sacred instruments, the human voice and recorded soundscape. With eyes closed, the focus is on the breath and the surrendering of the body to and Mother Earth. In that grounded relaxed space, we may fully engage our senses. Being surrounded with the sounds of nature allows our stress levels to drop and moves us towards a more natural and harmonious state of wellness and balance.

Elemental sound healing connects you to each of the classical elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit as well as the Celtic realms of land, sea and sky. This healing sound landscape is deeply rejuvenating and provides relaxation and self-discovery using the subtle vibrations. The created soundscape includes beautiful healing energies sounded out from Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gongs, rain sticks, drums, chimes and vocal toning, to name a few.  

Each instrument provides an opportunity to directly connect to a certain element. For example, the rain stick and ocean drum connect us to the energies of oceans, rivers, streams, rainstorms and many other natural forms of water. The element of water is traditionally associated with emotions, sacred wells, the womb, the underworld, the moon and the many plants and animals that live in or near water. 

Meditating to the sound of water using these instruments allows us to contemplate that element within us and around us. We can bring that element into our being and explore all that it means to us on a deeply personal level. Similar connections can be made through the elements of air (vocals, wind chimes, bird sounds), earth (drums, rattles, shakers), fire (harp, guitar, gong) and spirit (shruti box, koshi chime, crystal bowls). These are some examples but connections to each element can be made through any instrument as each person’s journey, beliefs, traditions and experience is unique.  

Clearing and balancing with sound healing assists in the release physical, emotional and energetic blockages in the body, allowing a deep sensation of rejuvenation, nurturing and relaxation. Studies have shown that through sound healing, many ailments have been relieved such as post-traumatic stress disorder, pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia. 

The actual experience of an elemental sound bath happens with gentle guidance, ritual connection, meditation and visualization, all to mindfully move the body into deeper states of healing, relaxation and awareness. The surrendering nature of a sound bath offers you the opportunity for inward self-discovery, space to explore your personal journey and heal at your own pace. Indeed, an elemental sound bath is a truly sacred experience, opening our hearts and minds.

For more information on Elemental Sound Healing or to experience one for yourself at Wonderworks visit www.peacefuljuncture.com

Chris' Bio:

Chris is a druid, sound healer and graphic artist based in Toronto. His passion for music, art and nature came from his family roots in rural eastern Ontario. He has over 20 years' experience in nature-based spiritual practices and is trained in a variety of holistic and creative arts modalities. He is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) and incorporates the spiritual philosophy and practice of Druidry into his sessions. 

Chris has been an integral part of the Wonderworks family for over 5 years, providing Sound Bath Healing Sessions as well as involvement in many open houses and community events.


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