Caring for Your Crystals BY Vanessa

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Science has confirmed that everything in the universe, the entire world around us, is made up of energy particles in constant motion - which do not rest - and which have the ability to affect/influence their surroundings. On a molecular level, these moving particles create specific energy patterns which make up both living and inanimate objects in the natural world, as well as our very own human body and is what uniquely distinguishes one species of plant or animal, or one person from another. Adding another layer to this concept is the idea that thoughts and feelings also carry an energetic charge in the body, able to influence one's energy system or "aura" as well as the surrounding environment. Quantum physics is an immense topic on its own but very simply put, we are made of energy and are surrounded and impacted by a vast range of vibrations out there!    

Just as the sun's energy affects the world in a multi-faceted way - or a person's actions may directly influence our own physical, mental and emotional states - so too can crystals and stones influence us with their unique energetic qualities. Practice in refining/utilizing our senses will lead to a heightened awareness of how we feel when interacting with crystals.  

Having said that - as there really aren't boundaries on where energy can travel, crystals and stones can also absorb our own energy! Energy workers, crystal practitioners or those using stones regularly for personal use may sense that over time, crystals "feel off" or "dull" collecting a build-up of unwanted energy which may inhibit the stone's innate vibration and feel. Therefore, energy clearing practices are crucial in maintaining the crystal's efficacy.


Below are a few of our favourite tips for caring for crystals/stones both physically and energetically:


If your specimen appears to be physically dirty or dusty, cleaning with a soft cloth will help to remove debris. Use q-tips to get into any nooks and crannies. Please note, although many crystals and stones have formed deep within the earth through thousands of years of heat/compression activity, other specimens are actually quite delicate and may dissolve in water/moisture. If you desire to cleanse your stone with water, please do your research first to ensure your crystal will not be damaged by water exposure.  


Various cultures and traditions worldwide have used the smoke of sacred herbs such as sage, sweetgrass or cedar to purify the energy of people, places and objects including crystals. To cleanse your crystal, run it through the smoke of your preferred herb with the intention of energetically clearing and removing anything other than its' own energy, returning it to its' natural state.

Did you know Selenite (a salt-based crystal) has the ability to cleanse other stones? Selenite is known for its' high vibrational energy which can purify the feel of a space or one's aura, as well as cleanse energy of other crystals. Simply place a few stones on a selenite slab and allow it to do its' work effortlessly, removing any debris collected over time. 

Another option is burying the crystal in soil or sand for a short period of time to ground its' energy and neutralize it with the help of mother earth. Another note of caution here would be in regard to cleansing with the use of salt. Although this is a popular method for cleaning and cleansing - salt may be too abrasive for the surface of a crystal or stone. Again, do your research to confirm which methods are most appropriate.  


Two of our favourite ways to charge crystals is with the help of our closest cosmic luminaries - the sun and moon! By laying crystals out in sunshine, they will absorb the potent, fiery energy of the sun, which is helpful when needing to amplify the stone/your work with more drive, passion, creativity and vitality.   

Setting stones out for a "moonbath" will absorb the gentle, soothing qualities of the moon and is especially helpful when needing to harness more nurturing, intuitive energy for self-reflective work or healing. Crystals can be placed either outside or on a windowsill to charge.   

An important note to close with is remembering that working with stones is a very personal and intuitive practice. There are no hard and fast rules or schedules to follow when cleansing stones, for example. It all depends on how the crystal feels to you, and if it feels like it needs cleansing; only you will know when the time is right. Also, if there's a special place in nature you feel deeply connected to and wish to charge your collection there, go for it! The more personal you make your practice, the greater your connection to your crystals and their impact on your life. The more you care for them and work together, the more they will feel like a familiar, supportive, and nurturing old friend. 

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